“When I heard that UNICEF wished to invite me to become a National Ambassador, immediately I thought ‘If it is about doing something for the kids of my country, I am in’. And now that this day has come, I want to express my excitement and my commitment. We have a lot of work ahead of us, so that all the children and adolescents of Mexico may fully exercise their rights and enjoy all that they are entitled to.”

“Being a UNICEF National Ambassador is a significant responsibility. I am now a spokesperson for this great organization, and must call people to action in order to help millions of children and adolescents have access to the same opportunities and to a better life. Let’s unite for children, let’s keep up our score in achieving a better present for Mexico’s children and adolescents.”

- Javier Hernandez


Cleverly: “Ooooh…I don’t know if I shoooould.”



Valencia, De Gea and Chicharito before flight to Amsterdam :)

so De Gea and Chicharito have a same t-shirt or share a t-shirt? :p